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Beyond the Lone Islands

Wednesday, 19 May 2010



1. An update on the sculptures:
Today’s paper does not say where the missing sculptures have gone (see previous post), but I take it they’re in some kind of Statue Animal Hospital, waiting for surgery. The article mentions that new ‘parts’ are on their way.

By parts, I suppose they mean more cloned frogs. Because it turns out that’s what they are. They interviewed the artist, and he says “The gala dress is nothing without the frogs, because that’s my message, cloning of animals to satisfy world hunger”. Eh? From the article, I could not make out whether he is in favour of cloning or against it!

So I tried to google him: William Sweetlove. (Really?!) And oh yes, cloning is obviously his theme. As for cloning his own sculptures, he is obviously for that. Even after visiting his home page, I still feel unsure about “the message”, though…

According to the newspaper, what he is not in favour of is people ‘interacting’ with his sculptures: “I am against people playing and climbing on works of art.”


2. A personal update:
After a three months break I’m allowed back in the rehab pool for the rest of the year (twice a week), starting tomorrow.

They close for five weeks in July, but it’s still five weeks until then. I think it will be good for me. Two mornings a week may not seem much of a routine; but apart from the physical benefits of  the training as such, it also helps give a structure to the week.

Today we’re having a whiff of summer here but the forecast predicts lower temperatures again next week. May/June weather is very unpredictable. You may find yourself freezing one day, sweating the next.

I wonder if it would be possible to clone a perfect weather day? And if we managed to do that – would we still find it perfect?


Photo: From a visit to the Zoo last year. I don’t think those fish were cloned, but who knows.


Ginny said...

You are absolutly hilarious!!!!! You have no idea how this tickles me. This has to be the best series you've ever done, I'm thinking you can never top it, but somehow I think you will. This all reminds me of those movies where the lead character has things happen that make no sense whatever, then he finds out he was only dreaming. I'm surprised to find out the dress in in the hospital amd may be back. It also seems that if it's about cloning, then it was very GOOD for this to happen to the artist, because now he has to clone more frogs, and this gets him plenty of publicity and proves his point. In fact, how do we know this whole thing is for real? I wait to see when it returns and where and how it is placed.

GB said...

If I was silly enough to make a red frog frock I'd welcome people climbing on it - it would mean that it at least served some understandable purpose. As it is it seems to me to be pretentious nonsence.

I have to say that so far as cloned frogs are concerned I have great difficulty telling one frog from another of the same species anyway.

Glad you are getting back to the pool.


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