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Beyond the Lone Islands

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Upwards and Onwards


Tomorrow is Ascension Day in the Christian churches, in memory of Christ’s ascension into heaven. This day is still a holiday in Sweden. It is always celebrated 40 days after Easter, on a Thursday. (Those who can, often take the Friday off from work too, to get a long weekend.)

I had a post on this day last year, entitled Ascension and Attention. Follow the link if you’re interested in finding out why we also associate this day with the cuckoo.

This year, Ascension Day is not very likely to tempt a lot of people to rise from their bed early and go out for a picnic breakfast. At least not around where I live. I suspect even the cuckoo might prefer a sleep-in. In spite of my screen name, I definitely will… Wednesday we’ve had heavy rain all day and only around +5°C (41°F).


‘I came from the Father and entered the world; now I am leaving the world and going back to the Father.’  - Jesus in the Gospel of John, 16:28

‘The farther up and the farther in you go, the bigger everything gets. The inside is larger than the outside.’  - C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

Photo: Looking up a hill, the ground covered with wood anemones. © DawnTreader 2010


Ginny said...

It's nice to see that someone is remembering Ascention Day! I loved your older post on it, and was fascinated by the cuckoo stuff. If I hear a cuckoo, I guess it's best to not try and find the direction, since it could mean impending doom!!

GB said...

Even in the days when I attended Church every Sunday I don't really recall Assension Day being a big thing although that might just be my poor memory. I'm sure that it's not been a holiday in the UK in my lifetime.

Adrian should beware on his cuckoo hunt!

Sandra said...

I did visit the older post and the cuckoo thing I have never heard. I love hearing about your traditons. In USA different denominations of churches remember it like you and others do not. thanks for the info and keep it coming,.


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