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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Clematis Progress


Feels a like a miracle after the long hard winter to see my clematis on the balcony bursting out into lots and lots of flowers!



I’m even more excited because this plant has a history. Click the link to read what I wrote about it last summer.

I know I have some readers with a very keen eye for detail, so in case you wonder about the different leaves at the bottom, those are false. (One is supposed to protect the part near the roots from the sun.) And the plant on the left is a geranium which has spent the winter indoors in a window, and has just been moved out.


Ginny said...

How lovely they are on that white trellace!! Just divine, and so abundant! I think you must have what we here call a "green thumb", meaning you can grow anything! We bought several different varities at a nursery, and they all whithered and died. But now I see that the key may be to keep the base covered or shaded, so I may try again.

Sandra said...

what a great idea to protect the roots that way. climbing up that wall is just plain beautiful. I have never seen one of these either. you seem to find a lot I have not seen. the color is wonderful and I like that lattice it is crawling up

GB said...

What a feeling of achievement you must have: very rewarding.


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