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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Forget Me Not

Wednesday 26 May, 2010Birgit_drawing by HN_1931

Between the pages in my mum’s childhood photo album, I found these pictures that her father drew of her. The one above he sent as a postcard to some friend or relative who obviously later gave it back to my mother.

Biggan 1930_2  Another drawing of her as a baby

I recently found the photo album at my dad’s house and took it home with me.


With it, I also found a note pad with memories connected to the photos, written down by mum back in 1979 (when she was 49). It seems she got the idea to do that after sorting through other old photos (I guess in connection with the death of her mother-in-law) and finding that many of those had little to say to the next generation, when not accompanied by names and dates.


In my mother’s opinion, “one 50 year old letter often says more about someone than lots of photos”  


I haven’t had the time (concentration) to sit down and look/read through the album and notebook properly yet, but  I intend to.

One year ago today my mum’s life ended. Born on 20 February 1930, she got to be 79 years old + three months and a few days.


One year ago?? Time behaves strangely, sometimes, mixed up with memories...

Some words from the song by the Beatles pop up in my mind: “Oh Yesterday came suddenly…” 

But forgotten I have not.


Today’s post at my Picture Book blog has the same title as this one: Forget-Me-Not. But different content: It is about the little blue flower by that name, and some legends connected to it.


GB said...

What a lovely posting, Monica.

'Yesterday came suddenly'. How very very true.

I think your Mum had very sensible and accurate thoughts on the subject you mentioned. CJ and I have had to go through and dispose of many photos over the years because theye were meaningless without captions and knowledge. And the letters that we have from the past have told us so much - however trivial they may have seemed when they were written. Few will ever keep the huge volumes of emails and so on by which we communicate these days; partly because there is just too many of them.

I used to write a lot of letters - several a week! I write more emails on the average day than I would have in a month then.

DawnTreader said...

Thanks Graham. For many years I too used to write several letters a week! To some people I still write letters. With other friends we've switched to email. My writing habits changed with my pain problems as well as with the new technology.

Sandra said...

what a wonderful post in memory of your mother. I know you miss her, I lost my mother 20 years ago at the age of 63, and I still miss her.
i think we are all writing letters as we blog. you have given me an idea for a post. I was born sept 5, 1944 and on that day my mothers dad wrote me a letter. I still have it, and it is yellow with age, he was 400 miles away and in 44 that was a long way. the letter was addressed to me.


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