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Beyond the Lone Islands

Monday, 31 May 2010

Quotation of the Week (22/2010)


People said that you could fall in love at any stage in life – at eight, at eighteen, at eighty. And why not? The capacity to experience the other emotions did not wither; you could still feel anger, jealousy, distress and all the rest, however old you were. Love was in the same spectrum as these. And you could love anything, and anyone, whether or not the passion were returned.

Alexander McCall Smith, Espresso Tales

Picture: Detail from a fountain pool.


Ginny said...

I guess even when most everything fails, our emotions remain as strong as ever? But that pool is very interesting, it looks like the bottom is lined with gold flakes!

Sandra said...

I do wish Ginny and I could be there with you and look at all the marvelous things you are showing us, your blog is almost as good as being there.

Don said...

I knew a lady in her 80s who once said to me, after fighting off a bit of vertigo, "It's funny, Don. Because inside this old body, I feel just like a schoolgirl."

Note to self: I redefined age that day.


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