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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Treasured Friends Award

Treasured Friends Award

The rules are simple, just pass this award on to 5 other bloggers who fit the description of the award. Please visit their blogs and leave a comment.

I received this award from Rose-Anne, who is also a treasured across-the-world friend of mine, ever since the days back when you needed pen and paper and stamps to keep such relationships going. Thank you for being a good friend, for this award and for inspiring me to start my own blog!

However, the award also presents me with a problem (or five!), since I'm a newborn baby in the world of blogging, and have no idea if I have any other friends who fit the description AND keep a blog. So here is what I'll do: I'll pass this award on by email to some treasured friends I know at least use the computer. ;-) I'll also continue to explore the vast ocean of the internet, and hopefully make some new friends visiting other random blog islands out there!


Pan's Island said...

It is a lot to get used to isn't it? This blogging thing - luckily it's very fun though :) So you requested to be interviewed in a comment to one of my blogs and here are your questions:

1) If you could take a one night trip to the island of dreams and nightmares in C.S. Lewis's Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and be guaranteed that you would only be there for one night - would you go and why? if not, why?

2) What is your favourite childhood memory?

3) If you found the one ring would you take up the quest yourself or wait to find someone better suited and aid them? And why?

4) If you found a portal into another world what would you do? Would you take the risk and go through by yourself? Would you ask someone to go through with you? Would you tell the world or keep it a secret?

5) If you had a choice between being alone for all of time or never being alone for all of time, which would you choose and why?


DawnTreader said...

Oh, tough questions! But I asked for it ;-) I'll think about them for a while and put both the questions and my answers in a new post.


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