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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Alien Invasion


Sorry - I don’t know its actual name, I just had to come up with a post title.

It’s another sculpture that someone considered a valuable contribution to the so-called sculpture festival the town is hosting.

This one has been in the paper, too, because cyclists were afraid of being beheaded by it. (It was invading their space, you might say, because sharp parts of it stretched out over the cycle path.)


I was considering publishing these pictures in black-and-white, but decided against it, because then you wouldn’t see the actual grayness of it...

With this one, I’m not sure anyone but perhaps the artist would really notice if some part of it was broken off and thrown in the river (referring to yesterday’s blog post) …



Sandra said...

for me and only for me, this one SHOULD be thrown in the river. YIKES if this is art, maybe I can become and artist. you do find the most interesting things to post. just kidding on the river, it should not be thrown in but it deserves to be.

Ginny said...

Well, I really did like the prom dress and dogs, but this is horrid!! I got a laugh out of you saying that no one would notice if people did break things off of it! What an eyesore! I hope you will be going to the show and posting pictures of EVERYTHING to show us!! I just love looking at them, and your witty comments about them, as well. THIS is the one that should be thrown in the river instead of the cute red frogs! But I'm sure it's welded so securely that it's unmoveable!

GB said...

It's horrible.


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