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Beyond the Lone Islands

Friday, 7 May 2010

Sharing Life



Heather in her post “Sharing Life” yesterday asked three questions:

1. What are your favorite fragrant flowers to pick and gather into your home?

Sorry to say, I cannot have fragrant flowers indoors because I’m allergic. I do have flowering plants indoors, for the joy of the eye - but only the kinds that do not give off much fragrance or pollen.


Begonias and African Violets
in my kitchen window

2. What sounds bring joy to your heart?


Sounds of running water and birds greeting spring after a long, hard winter.

3. Tell me something that you once thought and have now learned differently about.

What comes to mind just now is only the very general statement that when I was young, I thought life would get easier as I got older. It’s a long time since I grew out of that belief.


Heather T. said...

I'm so glad that you played along with me! I always enjoy reading the answers to sorry that you're allergic to that beautiful fragrance our flowers give, but I understand.

We were talking last night at the dinner table about oldest was very irritated by the lilacs on the table - his eyes were hurting because of them being so close.

I wondered if it was the pollen from the flowers that bothered him or the pollen from the trees that we're allergic to, left upon the flowers...hmmm.

I like your window flowers photo the best...and agree with the water and birds of Spring :)

Ginny said...

I love that picture of the beautiful flowers! Well, I'll try to answer all three. I don't pick flowers to bring inside, can't bear to kill them. I like to leave them where they are happily blooming. Joy to my heart, the song of birds and the uninhibited laughter of little children. Something I used to believe in and don't now. Many things, because I'm pretty old and a bit wiser.

GB said...

I go along with the running water and birds. That might well be on my list.


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