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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 1 June 2010



DSCN6032-1   DSCN6034-1

DSCN6031-1   DSCN6033-1

A more popular name for this sculpture is The Lazy Student because he is resting outside a college building. (He is somewhat larger than normal human size; something which is hard to get across in a picture unless you have an actual live person willing to pose with him. On this occasion I didn’t.)

This week – the first week in June – will be the last week of the spring term for a lot of students. Some of them may be dreaming of taking this position next week:
Just resting, and staring at the sky above…



Ginny said...

Well, you just keep coming up with the neatest things!!! This one really tickles me. You always get my day off to a good start with either learning or humor!! I somehow knew that he was bigger than a real person, maybe from the little windows in the background? I don't know how, he just seems pretty big. Will he be able to stay or is this just a short visit? Is he part of the festival, and will they all be temporary?

DawnTreader said...

This one is staying. He has already been here for a couple of years.

Sandra said...

at the first shot, i thought OH NO now she is taking photos of men in the park. then i realized it was a statue. i like the feet shot best, they are all incredible and you do such a great job capturing all this art. these are things we will never see and now we have seen them through your lens. keep them coming.

Pauline said...

That's a great place to have a statue like that. I bet the student wish they had time for laying in the sun. I love the feet but the hands fascinate me more, they look like working mans hands.


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