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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Yin Yang Sculpture

2010 05 22_yinyang_collage

DSCN6014-1 1914-1976



[In Taoism] Yin and Yang are the primordial feminine and masculine energies, symbolic of all polarities of mind, which produce our experience of the world. The categories of Yin and Yang are inter-related and mutually-arising: you can’t have one without the other! The classic example of Yang is the sunny side of a mountain; and Yin, the shady side. Within every human body – men and women alike – there exists both Yin and Yang energy.



Ginny said...

Now THIS one must have taken a lot of work. And It's fascinating. Is it just one sculpture? I'm thinking that it is. But you have taken these artistic shots from so many great angles that you make it look like many sculptures, not just one. You have a talent for doing that!!! I'm afraid If it would have been me, I would have taken just one or two straightforward shots.

Sandra said...

i think yeng and yang translate into what we call good and evil also. this is beautiful and I really like it. as you know some of the Art you have posted I was not to fond of, this one gets and A plus from me, and so do you for getting so many different sides of it.

GB said...

I am utterly ashamed to admit that I'd never actually given any thought as to what Yin and Yang really stood for. To me they were male and female 'halves' so to speak. I don't believe I've never bothered to find out. Thank you. And that's a sculpture I do like as well!

DawnTreader said...

I'm getting more and more aware myself of the 'threedimensional' quality to sculptures; especially of course those who are placed so that it is indeed possible to walk around them and look at them from different angles. This Yin Yang one is one of those that it is really hard to make justice to by just one shot alone.


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