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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Today’s The Day


I’m flagging today - with the help of my little Scarecrow Gardener (given to me by a friend who knows I like pottering about in a small scale on my balcony).

It is the Big Day for the Royal Family: Crown Princess Victoria getting married to her “frog prince” – her former personal trainer, gym owner and “man of the people” Mr Westling, soon-to-be Prince Daniel.


If you like, you can watch the Finale of yesterday’s Grand Celebration Concert for the happy couple here. (Video from Swedish Television)


… and here is a picture from the newspaper of our Town representative (local politician) carrying the Wedding Gift 1,5 km through streets of Stockholm that had been cut off from traffic (including taxis)… And yes, it was raining!

Here, too, I woke up to rain this morning. 
Remains to be seen whether the sun will be shining or rain pouring down on the royal couple this afternoon. I’ll not be spending the whole day in front of the TV, but I think I will watch the actual wedding ceremony, starting at 3.30 pm.

There are 2315 media people from all over the world keeping watch over the “show”, so I guess where ever you happen to be today, there is probably going to be some mentioning of the event in your news, too.


Incidentally, here is another couple that got married on the same date, 56 years ago:


My parents. Small wedding without a lot of “fuss”. They were married nearly 55 years, but did not get to celebrate their 55th anniversary last year. They were parted by the death of my mother on 26 May.



Sandra said...

I love all things Fairy Tale! and this is one, a real one. she is beautiful and i really enjoyed the video. if i were there i might just watch the whole thing on Tv. I watched all day when Charles and Diana got married, did not miss one bit of it and I know this will be specail. neat your parents shared the day with them.

GB said...

Poignant picture and posting about your Mum and Dad.

rae said...

I just LOVE photos of newlyweds or about-to-be-weds. There's so much joy emanating from every part of their faces.


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