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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Guess Who?

DSCN6045 DSCN6052 

DSCN6048 DSCN6054

If you have been following my previous posts from the sculpture festival, you should be able to guess the artist behind these smaller… er… works of art, I suppose… ;) that I found exhibited in an art gallery. *

Well. Not all of them small…

DSCN6044 DSCN6063

Try putting that giraffe in a park and pretend it’s not meant as a toy…!

DSCN6060 Fans of the artist

DSCN6060-1 Click to enlarge

* If you have not been following, you will find some additional information here.



Ginny said...

I knew it!!! Brfore I even saw the dogs, I knew who it was!! Unbelievable!! The little ones look just like the toys we get in a Mcdonald's kids Happy Meal!!

DawnTreader said...

Ginny, now you mention Happy Meal... When I was a little girl, my grandparents used to buy some kind of breakfast cereal and in each packet there was a little plastic wild animal toy - like elepants, lions and camels - which of course they saved for me. This was (apparently) before the really Colourful days: most of these animals were dark grey, but I seem to remember also a few rare white ones. I had a whole little zoo of them... LOL... All the same size, whether they were elephants or lions!

GB said...

Unmistakable. I was just going to say that they looked like children's toys - and cheap ones at that. I'd forgotten about the Happy Meals at McDonalds but Ginny's right!

Sandra said...

he is really talented, but they look to much like toys to me to be art that i would want. I do like the giraffe and the gator. I remember those toys in the ceral boxes, for my kids. we don't like mcdonals so have never had any of those. we are Burger King and Wendy's fans and I don't think they give toys. a crown maybe. keep these photos coming, i am LOVING these art thingy's

rae said...

What an interesting man. Even his name is sort of simple and bright, isn't it?


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