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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Strawberry Season



In my other blog today I have a picture of a strawberry cake, and Sandra (from sunny Florida) wanted to know whether we grow our own strawberries in Sweden. Yes we do. We usually get the first Swedish ones in time for Midsummer (at least here in the south), and the season lasts towards the end of July, something like that. This year, because spring was late and the early summer rather chilly, the price of strawberries for Midsummer was WAY up, since they are an important part of our Midsummer food traditions. I bought one carton on Midsummer Day, even though it was ridiculously expensive. Today I bought another, but at almost half the price compared to Saturday. I feel pretty certain that in a week or so the price will be even lower. 

There are also strawberry farms where you can go and pick your own and then of course they’re cheaper still. But I buy mine at the supermarket or in the marketplace in town; I only buy them to eat fresh, and not to make jam etc. It’s one of the things that I indulge myself with in the summer season.

PS. The kitchen scales in the second picture once were my grandmother’s, now mine.


Sandra said...

I am happy, happy, i got a blog to answer my question. how cool is that? I always think COLD when I think Sweden, so not sure what would grow there. but this makes sense, if you can grow those goregous flowers, of course you can grow strawberries. thanks for the quick answer and I like that scale.

Ginny said...

Beautiful strawberry pictures! But I was noticing that scale even more!! Can you put the food either on top or in the cup, either way? I was thinking that you probably can't but ones this nice anymore. Everything is digital and not nearly as well made as this.

DawnTreader said...

You put small amounts in the cup; the lower, detailed scale for the cup goes up to 300 g. The upper scale for bigger things goes up to 10 kg but is less exact with the lower weights.

rae said...

Strawberries are my favorite fruit! That first shot is making me crave them so much!


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