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Beyond the Lone Islands

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Gull That Wouldn’t Fly

Very hot today… I really feel most comfortable just lurking in the shadow.

Well, perhaps I should try a little walkabout?

Hmm… That asphalt looks rather hot…

What’s that you’re saying? Use my wings? Are you crazy, I might get too close to the sun…!

I think I’ll just return to my bush!


Ginny said...

So odd! Did he walk funny? Maybe he had been hurt and couldn't fly? Or maybe it was a she and there was a baby on the ground to protect.

Sandra said...

our asphalt is really hot and would burn his little feet. this is cute. not much to say today, i am exhausted. have been gone from home since 5 am, just got home. more beaches more photos. bed/book is calling me so i will be back soone

GB said...

Hmm. Sounds like he/she wasn't a very happy gull.


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