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Beyond the Lone Islands

Monday, 22 February 2010


Most of the year, twice a week, I go to the hospital for individual physiotherapy exercises in the Rehab pool (which keeps a temperature of +33°C). This because of my neck/shoulder problems. After six months though (unless there are very special medical reasons) we have to take a break for three months, because there is a queue of patients waiting for their chance.

So far, since they introduced the three-months-break-every-six-months rule, I have been lucky: My first break fell in the early autumn and just after I had moved from one flat to another (so I really had a lot of things to keep me busy). And then last year the break was over the summer months.

After that I've had another six months training period lasting from late August until today. In the winter especially, although it is an extra effort with all the extra clothes etc, I really really appreciate the opportunity for exercises in wam water. I also find it serves as a kind of 'light therapy' because of the large windows and lamps and the reflections in the water. And even if I don't usually chat a whole lot with my fellow penguins on these occasions, it still also means getting out "among people" and seeing some familiar faces.

Today was my last appointment before the next long break. Yesterday, looking at the snow situation and weather forecast, I thought: No, I'll have to cancel. I did however set my alarm clock for the usual time this morning. I got up, and I looked at the thermometer outside my window: -16°C. That really is cold! But there had been no more snow to speak of falling over the night. The roads were ploughed yesterday. The busses would probably be running again. There did not seem to be much of a wind - yet. And it was my last opportunity for a very long while... So I plucked up my courage and determination, packed my gear, and got dressed (layer upon layer). I then as usual kept a lookout through the window for the bus, because this time of the year (trees bare) I can see it as it passes by (on a road some distance away) in this direction. And then at least I know it has not got stuck in some heap of snow (there is a tricky hill it has to get over on its way), and I have just enough time to put on my outdoor clothes and go catch it as it returns...

Then the phone rang, just a couple of minutes before I would have to leave. The call was from staff at the pool: No caved in roof (see yesterday's post), but they are having problems with frozen pipes! So they had to cancel! 

I'm so glad the call came before I left! (And that I answered!) It would have felt like such a waste of energy to get there just to find the place closed.

I'm now trying to pluck up that courage and determination again, to go out for a bit of a walk instead. (Without having to drag a heavy bag along.) At least I'm already half dressed for it... Maybe!  


Sandra said...

I wish the photo was larger so i could see the details, i really like this one. and you were blessed to get that call and not go out in the cold for nothing. I have never been in cold that cold so have no idea how it must feel.

DawnTreader said...

Sandra, your wish is my command... I will show bigger pictures of the penguins tomorrow at my Picture Book blog!


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