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Beyond the Lone Islands

Monday, 22 February 2010

The Snow Situation

Going out for a walk in another direction today, I have to say the snow situation right now is really quite extraordinary. I don't think I've seen this much snow since the mid 80's, if even then. I moved to this town in January 1986 and I know the first two winters I spent here were very cold with lots of snow. But this much? I'm not sure.

At the same time I'm finding it a real challenge to quite catch the situation with the camera. It's hard to find definite points of reference; and the snow in itself gives so very little contrast.

My Friends-who-prefer-not-to-use-the-computer
will have to rethink soon!

And it has just started snowing again...


rae said...

That last one is great! I love the bright colors.

Sandra said...

I like the Drop In sign in red, it certainly looks like it was dropped in a lot of snow. you are doing a great job finding snow pictures.

GB said...

I think these are great snow pictures, Monica. It certainly tells a very clear story.


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