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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Sunny Snowy Countryside Walk (1)

On Sunday, while visiting our Dad, my brother and I went out for a dog-and-camera walk in the afternoon. We were lucky with the weather: Sun shining from a clear blue sky, over vast fields of untouched snow. The snow stays so much cleaner in the countryside than in town!

Usually, it is my brother with the dog, and I with the camera.

It is an even competition who makes more stops:
the dog or the camera.

On rare occasions, the dog and the camera trade places.

The goal for our walk was a nature reserve area at an old mill.

The ice formations at the mill-dam waterfall were amazing.

"Ice pancakes" was my brother's name for these.

. ~ . ~ . ~ .

In another post, I will show some more photos from the little island behind the mill, and the other arm of the river - which turned out to have its own impressive set of ice-art.

I will also be showing photos from this walk at my Picture Book blog this week (starting today).

. ~ . ~ . ~ .

PS 1/ Meanwhile, outside my windows, the sky is all grey and it's snowing again...

PS 2/ This is my second post today. To learn how we celebrate
Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras / Shrove Tuesday) in Sweden, scroll down!


Sandra said...

what a wonderful walk, nothinig could be better thana a brother, a dog and beautiful countryside and of course The Camera. love the ice pancakes

GB said...

An absolutely delightful posting, Monica. I really enjoyed the clear, crisp walk.

Don said...

Looks beautiful... but beyond brisk.

(We had 75 degrees F today. Sorry.)

jeannette stgermain said...

You must have been happy that you took that walk in the sun, before it snowed again! Those ice formations look like huge blobs of whipped cream (sorry I have no other description:) ).


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