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Beyond the Lone Islands

Monday, 8 February 2010

Murphy At Work Again

Remember the house where Murphy's Law rules?
I.e. where my Dad lives.

In December, we had problems with

1/ plumbing, resulting in a flooded cellar (main problem fixed)
2/ a muddy yard (temporarily solved by snow and ice,
but no doubt the problem will resurface when it begins to thaw!)
3/ a broken refrigerator (replaced)
4/ the lock in the front door (fixed)
5/ the heating system (fixed)

Last week it was the clothes washer's turn. Lucky for me, home care seem to have decided that when it comes to technical things, it's better to call my brother, although he lives farther away. (They're right.) He has now ordered a new one, and a tumble dryer as well (there wasn't one before). Yes, luckily there is money enough to pay for it. Mum just never wanted one.

This is NOT The House, but a completely different building,
probably abandoned even by Murphy. His work there
seems to be done.


rae said...

The last little comment cracked me up!

Sandra said...

i know mr murphy very well, he has visited us many times in the past 2 years. we own our home, but it is old like us and when one thing breaks, another is sure to follow soon. some one said things come in threes, our mr murphy does not know how to count. loved this post and i hope Murphys stays away from your parents for a long long time.


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