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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 21 February 2010

... And On ...

With the help of extra anti-sliding-devices in addition to the ones already permanently attached to my snow-boots, I did manage today to fulfill my mission to post the letter to my Friend-who-prefers-not-to-use-the-computer.

In spite of being well shod, it was quite an Expotition. I did not bring Provisions when I set out; but since the letterbox is next to a grocery shop, I did manage bring some home with me. (Provisions, I mean. Things To Eat.)

Sorry - I've been reading Winnie-the-Pooh again:
An Expotition to the North Pole...

There's really nothing better to lean on in this weather.

Somehow it did not seem very tempting today to sit down and eat my Provisions at one of the picnic tables spread around the neighbourhood.

On a more serious note:

Picture from local newspaper website

The roof of a sports centre caved in yesterday, from the weight of the snow. Luckily the football team practising inside managed to get out in time and no one was injured. But according to the paper they had only 15 seconds to get out from when they first understood what was happening until the whole roof collapsed. (They had to leave their outdoor clothes behind.) The same kind of thing has happened with sports centres in other towns, and also warehouses etc (i.e. buildings with flat roofs).

Now all sports centres in the area have been closed for the time being.

A lot of busses and trains were also delayed and cancelled this weekend.

More snow is expected tomorrow...
And even more later on in the week...

. ~ . ~ . ~ .

'My tail's getting cold. I don't want to mention it, but I just mention it. I don't want to complain, but there it is. My tail's cold.'


Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...I have missed your photos. I am trying to pick up as many substitute teaching jobs that I can and it has my schedule all messed up.

I actually was talking to a lady last week who had something similar to your snow boots only these were clip on metal treads for any shoe and she said they work well especially in ice!

The snow pictures are beautiful but I bet you are screaming for some Spring temps!


DawnTreader said...

Thank you Dan.
I remember what it was like with substitute teaching and schedules. I was only 30 at the time but I still ended up with a collapse. Take care!♥
This winter I'm trying out every kind of anti-slipping devices I can find! On the picture in this post, the rusty one is fixed to the boot and can be folded in our out. The front one is attached with elastic rubber bands and can be used on any kind of boot. So yesterday I was using both together!

I also have another kind that is instead fastened around the heel with velcro. I use those sometimes on my leather boots.

GB said...

Proper Snow. Clean snow. Blue sky. Well, I've got blue sky too at the moment but it is the 1980s since I've seen snow like that. I really do have mixed feelings when I see such beautiful photos.

DawnTreader said...

Well, GB. If you should suddenly be overwhelmed by a desire to get away from all that sun (and occasional rain) in New Zealand, just book a flight! ;) Not that I can guarantee that the airports will actually be kept open... LOL (laughing out loud, or lots of love, as you prefer!)

Actually I've not seen this much snow since the mid 80s either!

Sandra said...

Oh My, I am assuming you are saying the same thing Eyeore said, My Tail Is Cold and all the rest to. that is terrible about the ceiling collaspe, I guess he snow is just to heavy. I don't know why you did not eat on the picnic table. HA HA on that one. that is a lot of snow on one table.


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