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Beyond the Lone Islands

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Going Nowhere

Haven't been out since Tuesday. Had my "exercises" (hm) with laundry and vaccuuming. Today we've had a brand new layer of snow again.

Since the weekend, more roofs of sports centres and such buildings have kept caving in (in quite a number of different places in southern Sweden). Some schools have also been shut because of the risk of similar things happening. There have been serious delays in train traffic (for example, no trains at all running on Monday between Stockholm - Göteborg, our two biggest cities). And the media of course delight in interviewing everyone about who is to blame.
(Who IS in charge of weather?)

Meanwhile, I have my own petty complaints like the weird sensation of being (painfully) aware of every bone inside my body. Hey, I know they're there, but do they have to keep reminding me...?

Picture found by Google picture search.


Sandra said...

I am laughing out loud at your comment of Who IS in charge of weather? you are so right, an accident is an accident. and I do really love Charlie Brown and his bones showing. that made me laugh to. the bicycle in the snow is great. i can't imagine that much snow or trying to even move the bike, much less ride it.

Ginny said...

My name is Ginny and I come by way of Sandra (Madsnapper). I've been checking out two of your blogs, and really enjoying them. It also seems we have many things in common. Your pictures are wonderful. I was spellbound by the graveyard chapel, and love the penguins.

rae said...

I love the Charlie picture! That's so apt! (I HATE cold weather for the same reason. After the novelty wears off it's never, ever comfortable. Not even when I sleep.)

Rebecca said...

Oh that shot of the bike is perfect this year! And Charlie's skeleton sure looks like some newly discovered species. :)


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