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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Market Day


Last weekend in September means Autumn Market in our town. Some of the streets are shut off from traffic and filled with market stalls. The regular stores have their own special offers too. I’m not really a “market person” since I’m not very fond of being in a crowd. If I go, I like to go early before it gets too crowded, and I usually get tired rather quickly.

But… My camera wanted to go… ;) So we did.


There are certain things I do sometimes keep a lookout for at these markets, if I happen to need them. Handbags for example, or woolly slippers, or gloves.


Traditional Swedish clogs. Top part leather, bottom wood.
( I never wear them now, they’re too hard for me.)

But I wasn’t really in need of anything just now.
The only thing I bought was some post cards…

Some extremely colourful doughnuts, which, for the record, I did NOT buy. ;)

… and a mug of popcorn. Photographers, take my advice: If your main purpose of walking round the market is to use your camera, do not buy the popcorn (or other food meant to be consumed on the spot) until towards the end! Unless you have someone with you to hold them for you… I was there in my own company, and hence, I have no photo of my mug of popcorn!


I was never one to enjoy fairground rides myself – anything going round in circles, or up and down ;) I always preferred to keep my feet firmly on the ground!


See more market pictures in my Picture Book.



Sandra said...

it is hard to pick a favorite today, all of these are so vibrant with color and I love all of them. I think i will pick the little girl on the ferris wheel ride. adorable and i wish i could walk through that market with you. so much to see

Ginny said...

What a shame this is only there for one weekend! I am just loving the colore!! The colors of those pretty warm slippers, and the donuts!! You must not be a big eater of sweets to not be tempted!! Your pictures are so good, we just don't seem to have things like you do there, this market, that art show, you always have something just so cool!!

Pauline said...

I, too, was struck by the colours, and only the slippers to remind me it is autumn in your part of the world. There is a lovely cheerfulness about your photos.

GB said...

Loved the multi-coloured donuts to look at although I think I'd pass on eating them.

Oddly I think my favourite was the clogs; partly because they are quite different from any I've seen before.


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