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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Without the Camera

Original source of picture unknown.

This is how stressed I’ve been this week: Not only  do I have very little idea of what’s been going on in the Blog World (my usual little corner of it), but on Wednesday I forgot to bring the camera! (Perhaps just as well.)

Harry-the-dog also spent most of the day just lying under a table and giving us gloomy looks. 

Wednesday was the day we moved “things” from dad’s old house to his new room/ flat at the assisted living/nursing home place.

There’s so much I cannot do, that there’s no use trying to compare myself to “anyone else”. But what I did do (pack and unpack a lot of “little” things like clothes and sheets and towels and ornaments and photos etc) still meant at least five times the intensity of a normal day for me. Which does not come unpunished.

Some of the “moves” my brother did on the same day I did not dare watch even without camera...


However, no major accidents occurred, and we did not (I think) forget anything really important, and “things” are now in place for when Dad moves in next week.


Sandra said...

I hope the move goes well, it will be hard on all of you. you did good to do all that work yourself and you know you did what you could. just in case you did not see ginny's post, her computer crashed, that is why she is not here before me.

jeannette said...

I missed that part, because I live in the USA and my whole family lives in Holland.
Maybe you think, there's not much to miss by moving things, but it does prepare the mind and emotions for the changes in our lives and that of our family (relatives).

Ginny said...

Oh, gosh, I know the feeling! Even little things, I have such physical problems that I'm on pain killers for days! You really expressed it well. What seems like a great effort to me is something others will do in the blink of an eye, and they don't get it. I hope you're not in too much pain and you can take something for it! This would be why your brother hasn't posted much, as well. Till yesterday. When does your dad move in? I hope all goes well with that.


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