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Thursday, 23 September 2010

What A Mess


The final (?) result of the Swedish election has been announced. The Centre-Right Alliance gets 173 seats in the parliament, which is one more seat compared to the preliminary results on Sunday, but not enough to form a majority. The Red-Green opposition gets 156 seats and the new anti-immigrant party Sweden Democrats 20 seats, which gives them hold of the balance of power.

Appeals have been made for re-elections in some districts because of complications in the counting of votes. Some votes were “lost” and did not get counted, and theoretically that could still make a difference. The appeals will be examined by a special committee and that will take a while.

The whole election system has also been criticized, because counting all the votes together for the whole country instead of by district, the Centre-Right Alliance would have ended up with majority in the parliament. Changing the present system requires a change of law, however.

For now we are stuck with a minority government and the balance of power held by a party that none of the other parties really wishes to cooperate with. 


The picture: Bicycles parked at the travel centre.
Photo taken from the top of a hill/rock nearby.


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ANNA-LYS said...

Den bilden säger mer än tusen ord.
De får parkera om dvs. Nyval ;-)

Sandra said...

our govt is exactly like your photo of the bikes, all confused and messed up and no idea where they are going. parked and doing nothing right now

Ginny said...

This sounds almost as messy as some of our presidential elections!!

DawnTreader said...

Ginny - yes, in some of our newscasts, comparisons have been made... ;)

In Sweden it is the most complicated outcome of a national election in a very, very long time; and historical in more ways than one.

Von said...

Just been there in Australia and still working out the finer points.Interesting!
Great photo.

Silence Sings said...

I loved the I can't say it messy at all..:))

Rose-Anne said...

Australia is the same. England had the same problem. What's going on in the world?

GB said...

A spectacular photo, Monica.

My theory is that the world is getting confused and the political situation is just part of that confusion.

WV = vadions (A vadion being an observer of world affairs!)

DawnTreader said...

Was there a time when the world was NOT confused?

Another symptom of the world's state of confusion must be the creation of a whole new vocabulary based on internet word verifications... It's the Second Tower of Babel!

rae said...

This is fascinating! I have to study our Electoral College a bit more, I feel sure there are some parallels between your system and ours!

("Uncify" sounds almost political, doesn't it?)


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