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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Game Not Over


The election campaigning is a game not yet over.
Our election is next Sunday, the 18th.

For four years, we have had a right-wing government consisting of an alliance of four parties. For this election, the other three major parties have formed a left-wing alliance. 


Media report that more people than ever are voting in advance in this election. I think I’m going to wait until Sunday. Not really because I can’t make up my mind, but because I still find it a sort of Special Event to go and vote on the actual day.

Do you find it a Special Event to go and vote?
And have you changed your political opinion over the years, or have you always voted the same?

I have not remained loyal to one party. I have voted for different parties over the years. Sometimes I’m not sure how much it is politics that has changed, and how much it’s me.


Ginny said...

Interesting pictures! Last election was the first time I did not vote in a long time, because I did not like either man. I am a member of a certain party, but I will change my vote if I like the opposing man better, though I never have!

Sandra said...

our partie have nothing remain loyal to, they are both bottom of the barrel. i vote for which ever party is the least bad, and i always vote. we have no one worth voiting for, but have to choose which is likely to be better than they other. our polictics make me sick with anger at what it has become


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