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Monday, 27 September 2010

Quotation of the Week (39/2010)


"Life is like a bag - it's empty and meaningless unless you fill it with something."

~Hans Alfredson~
(Swedish comedian, actor, writer and film director, born 1931.)

This quote is well-known in Sweden, but perhaps no where else (?) – until now! ;) The original context is a sketch performed by Alfredson in 1962, in which a church bell ringer comments on the new vicar of the parish, and quotes from his sermons about Life.

It popped up in my memory earlier today as I visited GB’s Eagleton Notes... And still lingered with me when I sat down again later to find a Quotation of the Week…

The picture is from one of my (I think maybe total of three or four?) park bench lunches this summer. The last time was actually Sunday a week ago. One of those rare warm and sunny days that sometimes come along just as you thought there would be no more days like that. (… or not until spring, anyway!)


GB said...

I think it's a wonderful quotation and so so true.

rae said...

I agree!

Sandra said...

i used to do park bench lunches when i was working. i love to sit out side when it is cool. to hot for that now. so i will pretend I am in Sweden with you feeling a little cool air and helping you search out all your interesting finds for us


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