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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Have you gone through any changes over the summer?
This bloke has.

2010-09-05 5 September, 2010

2010 06 Stone Face Collage 
1 June, 2010

Compare the post Of Many Faces (5 June, 2010)

Revisiting this sculpture again three months after the first set of photos was a powerful reminder not only of the passing of time but also of the fact that while some changes come automatically, others require quite a lot of hard and determined work.


Ginny said...

I remember him! They are polishing him up. But he is made of stone and can take it, unlike us. I am so sorry for this transition in the life of your family, and praying that your dad will really like his new home. God is our rock, an ever present hope in times of trouble. He is watching an nothing can happen that he will not permit. Blessings, Monica

Sandra said...

I am with Ginny on this one too. surprise surprise. hope the transiiton gets better with time and adjustments come quickly. the statue is getting better and better. true talent to do that for sure.

Scriptor Senex said...

Polishing makes such a difference, doesn't it. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.


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