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Beyond the Lone Islands

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Here, There, Somewhere…


Sorry, I’ve had rather a busy week with all sorts of this and that, “flying about” and not able to spend as much time as usual in Blogland. Hoping to to catch up soon…



These birds and nests are found in a staircase at the service center where my dad lives now.


Ginny said...

Upon first glance, I thought these were real birds! Again, your area always has so much very cool artwork!!

Heather T. said...

I really like how they've displayed them. And, I totally understand the lack for time. I need my life to slow down a little bit, these days are wearing on my physically.

Hope you are well.

Sandra said...

these birds are really cool. the first shot i thought they were real live birds. looks like a nice place to live and I hope he is adjusting to it ok and you and your brother are also.


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