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Friday, 1 October 2010

Never Leave The Camera Behind

I really should know better by now. Going into town today, I left my camera at home. It was a gray day, bad light for photography, an ordinary Friday morning, no special events day or market day, and I wasn’t going anywhere interesting (or so I thought), just to the pharmacy and the grocery store, and then the bus straight back home…

I really should know better by now. I really should.

As I crossed the town square on my way to the grocery store, I noticed something in the corner of my eye. A new statue? But oddly placed. And the summer’s sculpture festival is over. It was a figure of a man… natural size… silver coloured… but a very odd face? Sort of lion-like… no, not really lion… Wait. Wasn’t the whole thing swaying a little??? Yes, definitely… In a flash I realized that what I was looking at was a “living statue” (a mime artist posing like a statue, wearing realistic statue-like makeup).

I’ve never seen one of those before – not “live”. Only on TV. And I hadn’t brought my camera!!! (And I don’t have one in my mobile.)

20-30 minutes later, walking across the square again on my way back to my bus stop, he seemed still to be standing in the exact same position. On the ground beside him was a little golden bowl. I was in a bit of a hurry to catch my bus now, and didn’t stop to watch how long he could keep it up, or how other people reacted. I didn’t see anyone put money in the bowl.

This evening I took a look at some living statue clips on Youtube. It seems sometimes they move when you give money, and some make random moves to scare people…



Sandra said...

i hate when i do that, i carry the camera all the time in my pocket, but just let me leave it home one time and there it will be, the shot. wish you could have got it for us. i missed a spectacular sunrise over Walmart 2 weeks ago because i left the camera home

GB said...

I really can't believe that you did that, Monica.

I've just been looking through my blog to see if I've blogged on them. I don't seem to have done so but I must have photos of the ones in Glasgow. In fact they are quite a common sight in the UK.

Mind you I think I saw my first one in Berlin many many years ago.

Ginny said...

Maybe he will still be there next time you go!!

DawnTreader said...

Graham, I knew you would say that! First thing that popped up in my mind when seeing what I saw, was the Edwards motto: Never be more than 1m away from your camera... (LOL)

GB said...

Yes. I'm having breakfast and reading blogs and emails and the camera is within grasp behind me without moving my chair.

I had a nightmare last night which involved me running down a quayside trying to take a photo with my phone's camera because I'd lost my camera. (for the record my phone camera wouldn't take the photo!).

ANNA-LYS said...

I assume that You will never leave Your "Third Eye" behind again :-)
When I was in Florence, Italy in 2004, there where statues everywhere, it is an historic city in many ways. Guess my reaction when some of them along the museum started to move a little :-))


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