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Beyond the Lone Islands

Friday, 8 October 2010

In A Whirlwind


Somehow this week seems to have flown by rather like a whirlwind of dry leaves. No special reason. I have been trying to take advantage of some fine autumn days – and even of one or two less fine. I have photos still in my camera that need to be transferred to the computer and sorted. I have thoughts in my head about which the same could be said! Some have found their way onto the keyboard, but into emails rather than blog posts. There’s a time for everything… I suppose.

All around me, others seem to be caught up in their own whirlwinds as well. Circumstances not behaving as we’d like them to. One minute, we think we know exactly where we are. The next… We don’t.

Hm. Apparently, the same goes for books. Between paragraphs I spent fifteen minutes or so looking for my Wizard of Oz book, knowing that I needed a quote from it. I can’t imagine where it’s gone off to. Must have been taken by a stormwind…

… Ah, there it is. (It had sought the company of Harry Potter, for some reason.) And here is the quote that I did not know I was looking for. Do you find that a contradiction? I knew I was looking for a quote from this book. Didn’t really know which one. Until now.

If you’ve been feeling lately like you’re being shaken by unexpected stormy weather, this is for you: 

“The cyclone had set the house down, very gently – for a cyclone – in the midst of a country of marvelous beauty.”

L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Ch 2






Ginny said...

A strange but rather comforting quote. YES, a gentle cyclone has gone through here, as well, I am losing everything this week, including a huge pack of glitter glue sticks!

jeannette said...

I know, stormy weather has an effect on me too, inside! Hope it soon will calm down:)

rae said...

I hope this quote is true for both of us! Thank you for sharing.


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