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Beyond the Lone Islands

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Entering the Ice Age


I got an email today saying “soon you will be posting snow photos”. Help. Yes, most likely I will. But I don’t want to think about it. Not just yet…

Frosty morning lawn in the park

Not that one is allowed to forget. We’ve had frost at least five nights in a row now. Sunny days in between, but still... It’s getting cold.

Sunrise over frosty football field

I’ve been having an inefficient and indecisive kind of weekend, or at least so it feels. Haven’t really been in the mood for “doing” much, and on top of that, the things that most need “doing” are indoor things, while we’re still having the kind of weather that says: “A day like this should not be wasted indoors! You should be outside!” On the other hand there is only so much one can do outdoors this time of year, except  keep walking; because it’s too cold to sit still. And there is a limit to how long I can keep walking, as well!

Yesterday I thought I’d combine the walking with some potential shopping. So I walked to a shopping mall that I don’t visit all that often. I kind of regretted the idea when I got there, because this is what I found:


Christmas decorations! Please. We still have three weeks to go to Halloween!!!

I did walk around for a while but ended up buying nothing, except a packet of paper tissues which I could just as well have bought anywhere. And a hot dog and diet coke to give me the energy to get myself back home (by bus). I should have known. Big shopping malls usually do that to me.

After deciding yesterday that there was nothing I wanted to buy; today I found myself walking into town and buying a pair of knee high leather boots.


There are persistent rumours lately (last repeated to me by the shop assistant who sold me these) that this is going to be the coldest winter in one thousand years.

How can anyone possibly know that? And how does that fit in with the global warming?

When I got home, I followed instructions and gave the new boots a recommended dose of spray-on waterproofing, out on the balcony. Maybe that will help adjust nature’s balance...


Sandra said...

Oh no, its boot time already? and i told you so, see you just posted Snow Men... gotcha

jeannette said...

Love that first pic!

Coldest winter ever... -good point -it clashes with the whole theory of global warming:) Do you know that more scientists do not believe in global warming than those who do?

Your boots look very comfortable!

Ginny said...

Cool boots! So am I hearing that the boots are now pregnant and will soon be having booties? You need to start thinking of names. It's getting hard to find fall things in the stores here now because of all the Christmas stuff. I think that one thousand year things was just to sell you a pair of boots, no one knows that except God.

DawnTreader said...

Ginny: Haha, and thanks. The double meaning of impregnation slipped me by. In Swedish, the corresponding word (impregnering) is only used for making waterproof etc. So no. I'm not expecting little booties... ;) I hope I've got enough shoes and boots now to last me through this winter.

GB said...

Smart and practical boots. Christmas! I've also mentioned that in my posting this morning!

I love the second photo. We don't seem to have the colours in our autumn trees here on Lewis.


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