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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Licensed to Blog?


Yesterday, it seems I managed to use a blog title from a meme I did not know existed. Had I been in a different mood when I was made aware, perhaps I would have joined in. But I’m not, so I won’t - not this weekend, anyway. Maybe some other time…

Today, in my morning paper, there was an ad for the college in the town where I live, with a list of courses they have to offer. What a lot of things you can study these days. How about, for example, a course called “The Theory and Practice of Blogging”…? (No, I’m not joking. There is one.)

Maybe I was too lighthearted and amateurish in my Tuesday post this week… Maybe in the future we’ll need a license to be allowed to even get started. No more playing around just to see what happens.. We’ll need to know all the Blog Traffic Signs first, and pass a Blogging  Test to prove that we master the arts of Linking and Commenting and giving proper Credit, and whatever…


ANNA-LYS said...


Aldrig ska vi anpassa oss till dylika ramar och begränsningar på Internet, då tappar det sin tjusning, inte minst kreativt!

OM vi skulle behöva titulera våra verk så att ingen annan har samma, inte ens på annat språk ... götta-petter, det går ju inte, då får nog de som antar ett visst tema vara så orginella så att de inte brukar ett vanligt vardagsuttryck.

När det gäller kurserna, så antar jag att de är till för de som ska jobba med människor eller forska inom området, alternativt använda sig av bloggning inom sitt yrkesutövande (t ex politiker och tjänstemän inom offentlig sektor).
Det är på tiden att de som arbetar med människor börjar förstå vilken stark samspelsfaktor det sociala mediet är, inte minst vad gäller barn- och ungdomars utveckling.

Fortsatt trevlig söndag

// AnnA

GB said...

I'm speechless but, given some courses these days, I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised.

DawnTreader said...

I should perhaps add that this course was listed with others intended for librarians and other people working with information... ;) Just set my imagination running!

Back in my college days in the early 80's, we had one week's introduction to computer technology. It was on the level of very basic programming and I don't think any of us really understood a thing. Anyway how we got on from there to the internet of today remains a mystery ;)


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