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Beyond the Lone Islands

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Last Night A Full Moon

DSCN9751-3         DSCN9753-3

Last night a full moon
shining on snow covered ground.
Today all is gray.

© DawnTreader


Ginny said...

We both posted the full moon from last night! But yours is from a totally different perspective, so romantic, like the cover of a book. I'm loving the beautiful color of the sky, intense blue! Sky just as georgous as the moon!

Sandra said...

so you have full moons in Sweden? ha ha ho ho he he we had one too. but i was asleep when it came up and doing house work while it went down so have to enjoy your beautiful shot of yours.

Sandra said...

i got caught up in talking and forgot to say i have no clue what that thingy is, and came back to look at it. can't imagine what happened but maybe a for real photographer would have an idea, now we have to find one, ha ha


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