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Thursday, 16 September 2010

BTT: Day And Night

Today’s question is suggested by Mae.
“I couldn’t sleep a wink, so I just read and read, day and night … it was there I began to divide books into day books and night books,” she went on. “Really, there are books meant for daytime reading and books that can be read only at night.”
- ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera, p. 103.
Q: Do you divide your books into day and night reads? How do you decide?

Interesting question! My answer has to be "sometimes, but not always". And I guess it depends partly on the book, partly on me - what kind of stress level or mood I'm in.

There are definitely books that I would classify as daytime reading, and which I can't read (or listen to) at night. That would include books with complicated plots, lots of facts, heavy language structure, or too much violence or negative thoughts. At night I prefer a book which is entertaining, but does not require too much of me, intellectually or emotionally.

I'm less sure if there are "books that can be read only at night". A book that I can read at night, I think I can also read in the daytime.

I often find children's books good bedtime reading if I have difficulties relaxing ;)

(Illustration from Winnie The Pooh. Piglet dreaming of Heffalumps.)


Ginny said...

Never once thought about it! But I DID read "The Unbearable Lightness..." and loved it! About how our memories define who we are.

Sandra said...

since we go to bed at 8 pm no reading at night. i do not divide mine up. i read one book until it is finished and that is usally 2 or 3 days per book. I only read fiction and I only read page turners. i just got back from the library, I get 6 books for 2 weeks to allow for a couple of them i can't stand to read. read 4 and took the last 2 back. the one i just started I am dying to get back to it. i like books that grab me and will not let go. I love suspense novels, but if i am alone at night would not read one even in the day time.

GB said...

As I can have two or three books on the go at the same time I can't categorise a book other than what I feel like reading at any particular moment.

Lori said...

I don't divide my books by day or night. Here is my answer for Booking Through Thursday.

Scriptor Senex said...

I didn't think I divided my books until now! But when I tought about it I realised I do. My night-time read is nearly always a historical novel or a cosy crime and it usually stays by my bed whilst the rest of the house is scattered with non-fiction and more serious fiction.


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