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Thursday, 9 September 2010

In Troubled Water

Q: You’ve just dropped your favorite, out-of-print book into a bathtub, ruining it completely … What do you do now?

A: I really can't see that happening, since I

1/ don't have a bath tub
2/ never read in the bath tub even back in the days when I had one

I actually never understood how anyone can read in the bathtub.
It's WET in there! So if one of my favourite books ever ends up in a bath tub, it will be someone else's fault - and tub! And my pleasure (?) to yell at them. And their problem to find a replacement!

Going in search of an illustration of this activity that I never indulged in, however, I came upon some advice. There is a WikiHow article on it. Just as I suspected, it seems rather complicated, and comes with a warning: "Start with a magazine or cheap paperback that you don't mind getting wet. Never read a library book or other valuable book in the tub, just in case you drop it in."

Whatever did we do before the Internet was there to give advice?


GB said...

Brilliant answer Monica. Like you I see reading in the bath (and I prefer to shower anyway) as a definite no no.

Sandra said...

I only do showers so it would be hard to read in it. my friend takes a one hour bubble bath every night and reads for that hour. she loves it. she reads paper backs that it does not matter if they get wet or not. I read almost anywhere, but not tub
seems like your answer from the internet might have come from the mysterious THEY in They say

nashvillebookworm said...

I'm not likely to read in the tub...however, a book could get water damaged from taking it to the pool in the summer time.

However, I rarely take a book that I don't want damaged there anyway....LOL

Lori said...

Aww where are all the bubbles? I would never read in the tub...Here's My BTT.

Alayne said...

Aww cute! :) My answer is at The Crowded Leaf.

Ginny said...

Funny! I have never read in the tub, though my mom hated it when I brought a book to the dinner table! I can bathe without a book, but I still like one when I eat. If, however, I did drop one in the tub, there are good websites where you can buy out of print books.


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