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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Walk With Me

DSCN8423-1 Autumn is upon us. Every day now the colours in the trees are changing, and leaves beginning to drop…


I was almost tempted to leave the camera at home as I walked into town today… Thinking: I’ve been walking these streets for over a year now with my camera. There is nothing new to take photographs of.


But the thing is, with the camera I see things I might otherwise just have walked past and paid no attention to, or forgotten as soon as I had passed. 


Like a miniature spider web on top of the stone wall.


Like the graceful shadow of a branch on an ugly concrete wall holding up the motorway.


Like the unexpected muffin (!) left behind on a stone wall in a church yard, to the delight of some very small black ants.


Like a Limousine parked in a street (arousing the curiosity of a lot of people on the other sidewalk – I actually noticed the crowd before I noticed what they were all looking at!)


Like a lot of other people running around town with their cameras, too (I think there must have been some sort of photo contest going on because most of the people with camera – except me! - were also holding on to a piece of yellow paper).


Like a beautiful flower arrangement on the wall next to a jeweler’s shop.

And without the camera, I would probably never have bothered going up to the top of the hill in the park


… just to look down!



To finish off, here’s the main reason why I went into town in the first place:

2010-09-11 shoes

I needed a new pair of walking shoes…


Sandra said...

I am very, very happy you took your camera, never leave home without it, you live in a treasure trove of photography subjects. just one walk and all this. incredible and I enjoyed our walk together. wish i could do it in person. it truly continues to amaze me what we see when we carry the camera.

Ginny said...

Oh, my, I wish I could go on walks with you! When I don't have my camera, I try not to look at things because I know I will see things and then be frustrated. I love the shadow on the wall, the little red plants, and the way you centered the people in the middle of that cool metal circle sculpture!

Rose-Anne said...

I loved your walk into town and all th e photos.
Thanks for your birthday message.
I have had trouble leaving you messages on here so we will see how it goes this time.
I love your blog.

GB said...

Beautiful post, Monica. I, too, am very glad you took your camera. I try never to have my camera more than 1 metre from me!


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