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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Autumn Fashion


Going shopping the other day, I was struck by the lack of colour that met me when I entered the store.

In a month or so we will be entering a time of year when the whole world around us (at least here in Sweden) turns all gray, black and white. Why do fashion designers assume that we should also want to dress ourselves in these colours and just blend in with the background?! 

What did I buy? Ahem, well – a black/greyish denim skirt… But the point is, I don’t (usually) want to be ALL clad in black.

If I opened your wardrobe, what would I find?



Ginny said...

LOTS of color in my closets, green, yellow, every color you can think of. Gosh, even looking as far back as I can see, your store just has grey and black! Are all the stores like that now? What about lovely fall colors? Russet, orange, yellow.

Sandra said...

mine is all grey/black/denim/dark blue. one red shirt, one green the rest are the colors i listed.
in florida we wear the same clothes year round, just add a light sweater on a few days. nothing to pack away

DawnTreader said...

There were some shades of purple/heather to be found further in but that was about it (and some remaining summer tops still on sale. The "earthy" colours don't seem to be in fashion this year.

Fortunately I like purple and even more fortunately I don't really need to buy a lot of new winter clothes this season. I even have some black items since before if I don't want to stand out from the crowd ;)

Deborah said...

I wear very bright colors and try to stay away from browns/greys/black although it it were up to my daughter, I would be wearing brown, year round!
Have a great day!
PS Your bike picture was cool!!

GB said...

It's a shame I'm not at home. I could post a photo of my wardrobe. Over the years I have amassed a supply of, for example, roll neck sweaters in every colour possible so that whatever mood I happened to be in I would have a sweater to match. Of course I haven't even worn a roll neck sweater for five or six years since I started my perpetual summer life.

DawnTreader said...

Graham, it's only a few days now until you get back to your wardrobe. I can wait... ;) You can make it a "farewell to winter" blogpost before you head off to New Zealand...


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