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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Shopping spree

Market photo borrowed from the internet

Today was Spring Market Day, and I had a bit of a shopping spree...
"All my favourite things", i.e. the things I usually look for at this kind of market!

This time I came home with seven pairs of socks, two packets of postcards, and two handbags! The black bag has a very smart design. You can wear it either as a backpack, or just on one shoulder, or in your hand. Who would not need it?! And the red one, well, it's a lovely colour, isn't it, and it might just possibly be bigger on the inside than on the outside...

Ah, well. Now you know one of my weaknesses. Or three...

PS. Note to myself for Autumn Market Day: Do NOT buy any more socks. Sock drawer full!

1 comment:

Dr.John said...

Seven pairs of socks that's an entire week's worth. You are sock rich. Of course since socks vanish when you wash them you do need a few extra.


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