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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 3 May 2009

May I Remember

Birch trees

Wood anemones

Ferns uncurling

Down by the creek

The woods are bursting with life just now. We are still enjoying beautiful spring weather here, and the trees are getting greener every day. These photos were taken yesterday at a small nature reserve / wildlife sanctuary close to where my parents live.

I wish I could say that the pictures sum up the day; but sadly, they do not. The walk was my "breathing space" in a day otherwise filled with aches, pains, worries and confusion all around. My mum's memory seems to be slipping away from her more and more every week, and dad's isn't reliable either. I'm getting less sure all the time now how much longer they will be able to stay on in their own home, even with more help. So my feelings yesterday were a strange mix of early May (in nature) and "late November" (in the lives of my parents)...

On my walk, I passed over a little wooden bridge over a creek. Somone had carved some words into the railing. Not quite the usual graffitti, but this message: "It is exciting to live."
I can only hope I'll be able to hold on to that.


California Girl said...

"It is exciting to live." Inspirational message for your lovely photos. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just hang in there and love your parents and know that they have their memories always as do you. It's small things like this walk that help. The pictures tell such a story and I'm sure the walk told even more. Excellent :)


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