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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Stopping for Lunch

Just as I sat down at the table to have lunch today, I noticed I had company. Well, not actually in the flat, but outside the window. A whole flock of birds invading the nearest rowan and/or whitebeam trees, where there were still some frozen berries left...

Some day I shall really have to get a better camera for birdwatching! At first I thought they were Waxwings (Bombycillasidensvans), but they did not seem to quite fit the image. I guess they were probably Fieldfares (Turdus pilaris - björktrast, snöskata). They seemed to be dark greyish on the back, sort of reddish brown on the chest, and white underneath.

When the birds left, I dare say there weren't many berries left!

Hard times for birds as well as people lately...
-17 degrees C this morning!

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