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Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year Celebrations

Testing the limits of my little camera last night...
This was taken through the window, after midnight.
(A lucky shot, among a number of less lucky ones!)

I celebrated New Year's Eve with three friends not very keen to be photographed, but I think the cropped picture of the coffee table more or less sums up the evening: Nothing edible was left at the end of the day except for a few apples; and Sherlock will also be able to deduct that the TV and DVD-player were used! (remote controls on the table) This year's film was Miss Potter, about the life of artist and storyteller Beatrix Potter. (Read more about her at

This was actually the 10th New Year's Eve in a row spent together with the same three friends, or at least two of them. Back when we started the tradition, we all lived in the same building; except the fourth member of the party, sister of one of the others, who lives in another town, but is usually visiting here for New Year. For the last ten years we've always been at my place and this was the second time in my "new" flat.

There were fireworks and explosions outside all night long as usual, with a crescendo during the hour around midnight. It's still a bit quieter here than it was at my old place.   

The last time I was at a really BIG New Year's Party was the Millenium.
Can hardly believe a whole decade has actually passed by since then!


mo jour said...

dear DawnTreader - ich wünsche dir ein freundliches Jahr 2010 very extra prima deluxe - voller Wunder, mit vielen guten Sights - no *sighs*, health & happiness & immer eine lächelnde Stirn :-)

DawnTreader said...

mo jour - vielen Dank - ich wünsche auch dir ein gutes neues Jahr. Mag es dir nur guten überraschungen bringen!

Don said...

Sounds like a nice tradition... ringing in the New Year with good friends. A decade of celebrations! Happy New Year!

DawnTreader said...

Yes, it has been a good tradition for all four of us, I think, ending the old year and starting the new one, in the company of friends one knows well.


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