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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 17 January 2010


"Sometimes you put walls up,
not to keep people out,
but to see who cares enough
to break them down."

(Author unknown)


Don said...

Very nice quote. Kind of like playing emotional hard-to-get. I like it. (On the road to Emmaus, "He made as if he would go on..." (A wall) Then they said, "Abide with us." (They cared to break it down.)

Dr.John said...

Beautiful picture. What is sad is that sometimes the very people you want to tear the wall down won't even try.

GB said...

A while ago we had a discussion about fences is a not dissimilar context but I think it may have been on Eagleton Notes or this blog. I've been looking for it.

As so often with the quotes you choose it's very thought provoking. Problem is that I've arrived home tonight and can't spend more time on this one. I must try and flag it and come back to it.

DawnTreader said...

Don, interesting comment. To me that quote was more of a reminder how we often react when we have been hurt, are still afraid of being hurt again but at the same time longing to be touched... But thinking about it, Jesus is often testing people in a simlar way too, for example when they come to him asking for miracles - making it clear he's not just performing for "entertainment".

In both cases there is self respect involved, a decision (conscious or subconscious) not to sell yourself cheap.

Dr John is right too: unfortunately sometimes we can become prisoners behind those walls we build, if no one actually bothers to try break through.

DawnTreader said...

GB, at first I could only remember a post shortly before you left for NZ, about 'farming of fences'. But then another one popped up in my memory. It is a post from 30 August on your blog you are thinking of, isn't it? The same photo also previously posted on Soaring through the World... There was no mentioning of fences in the title but there was one in the picture; which made me quote the saying "good fences make good neighbours"; which in turn triggered your enquiring mind (the one you sometimes claim not to have) to some rather thorough research... LOL

GB said...

Thanks. That's exactly what I had remembered. You have a better memory than I have, that's for sure.


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