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Monday, 11 January 2010

Bad Hair Days

What can I say? Still snowy and cold!
The cold a little less severe now, but still well below zero (C).

Trying to get back into some kind of normal routines (whatever that would be) after the holidays, but not very successfully.

 I did get back to my physiotherapy in the rehab pool today though. A wonderful 45 minutes in the warm water - but one does have to 'work' a bit extra for it in this weather, with all the extra layers of clothes to put on, and take off, and put on again (all within a couple of hours); and making sure to blowdry one's hair properly... *

Sleep still disrupted; got too little of it during the night, and then got so tired from the morning's getting-in-and-out-of-clothes-and-water exercises that I fell asleep after lunch and did not wake up again until it was too late to get other things done that I had half intended... (Well, come to think of it - maybe that should be counted as getting back to normal routines...)

* I've had to give up all attempts to maintain some kind of "hairdo"...

This picture I found on the internet, but it pretty much illustrates what happens to my hair too in cold and dry weather (static electricity)...

(And that look on one's face follows automatically, when facing a mirror!)


rae said...

What a great picture! I feel the opposite: winter is the only time of year my hair doesn't turn into an almost-fro. It gets SO FRIZZY in the summer... blech. Hair.

Sandra said...

my hair is straight and course, the weather does not matter to it at all. But the electricy does mean something. when it is cold every thing I touch that is metal sends sparks and shocks me, I put my key in the door lock and I could see the sparks in the dark. Also if I touch someone it shocks them and me. I have to be careful during cold weather. Love the photos

GB said...

Normality?! What's that? I've come to the conclusion that the only 'normality' these days is the abnormal.

DawnTreader said...

You're probably right about that Graham - I'm just still clinging to some desperate hopes of some day again being able to comb my hair straight and manage to stay awake during the afternoon... *LOL*


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