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Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Little Things

It turns out I made a promise on New Year's Eve after all (and kept it!), I just didn't really think of it as such, because it was a very little thing...

When my guests arrived on New Year's Eve, I was playing Enya's CD And Winter Came on the stereo, and one of them remarked that she had had a tape cassette with Enya's music that she had used to play so frequently it got worn out, and she missed it. I said I could copy my CD for her.

A week later I did, and another one by the same artist as well; and posted them to her (she does not live in the same town). She is the sister of a friend of mine, and she and I don't really keep in touch, except that we sometimes meet when she is visiting her sister. Yesterday she phoned to thank me for the CDs which had just arrived by mail (she hadn't even listened to them yet). She said it made her day, because she had not really been counting on me to remember. So often people just say they'll do things like that and then forget.

More than likely I too may have forgotten casual promises like that more often than I've remembered them. But this time I did not forget; and a friend's joy came boomeranging back to me as a reminder of how much it can sometimes mean when one does remember "the little things"...

I probably needed that at much as she did, because I've been feeling so incredibly slow lately about getting other things done - "bigger things", which are less fun to do and also don't usually bring the same kind of immediate response.


Don said...

It's always fun to brighten the day of another. Good job!

GB said...

Yes. How often I wonder do I make such comments/promises and, if I don't make a note at the time, forget to do it. You have made me think more seriously about that. Thanks.


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