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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 5 January 2010




One year ago today, 5 January 2009, I wrote:

.~. .~. .~.

After some trial and error, it seems I have created a blog!

In choosing the title, I had in mind the Island of the Voices in C.S. Lewis's The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, where Lucy enters a Magician's House to find the Magician's Book, and within that book A Spell to make hidden things visible.

She read it through to make sure of all the hard words and then said it out loud. And she knew at once that it was working because as she spoke the colours came into the capital letters at the top of the page and the pictures began appearing in the margins. It was like when you hold to the fire something written in Invisible Ink and the writing gradually shows up...
I really have no clear idea yet what hidden things I want this blog to make visible. But maybe if I start writing, I will find out...

.~. .~. .~.

I have told the story before: At first, I really only created my Blogger account to be able to comment on my friend Rose-Anne's blog, a penfriend of mine in Australia since before the days of the internet. Once I had set up the account, I thought: Well, since I'm here, why not check out how it works...?

The amazing thing, to myself, is that I'm still here, a whole year further down the road!

I don't know how many times - usually at New Year - I started a diary, and kept entering daily notes for two or three months, and then it just sort of faded out... Looking back in old pocket calendars I've kept, it's the same: It looks in almost every one of them as if my social life is concentrated to the first three months of the year, and then I do nothing until the next New Year. That, however, would be an incorrect conclusion. The notes really only tell you that the first months of the year is usually the time when I'm most keen on making notes! I suppose it has something to do with new year - new calendar - new resolutions...

What makes a difference here in the Blogworld, is the response. When you get the first proof that what you're writing is not just disappearing out into empty space, that's a real kick to keep going...!

I soon realized, though, that it probably wasn't quite enough to just keep writing and hope to be found randomly by whoever - even if that actually did happen a couple of times. But where does one start, to get in touch with other bloggers? I really had no idea!

I tried the Next blog button a few times, but that usually just took me to some blog in a foreign language or some topic I was not the least interested in. (I think some improvements have been made over the last year though, to make the use of that button less random.)

Then I found my way to Blogs of Note which was a definite improvement. When I found something there which I liked, I also went on to visit others who were in turn following that blog - and the world began to grow...!

To celebrate my bloggoversary today, I would like to give credit to four places that served as important "milestones" or "crossroads" for me on my journey through the Blogworld, putting me in touch with other fellow bloglings who in turn became inspirators, followers and friends.

Blogs of Note
Noteworthy blogs chosen by the Blogger Team.

The One Minute Writer (C. Beth)
A blog providing daily writing prompts. I have not continued to visit daily, but it is a great place to meet other people who like to write, and to find inspiration if you feel your mind going blank... If I'm not mistaken, this was where I first got in touch with some of the fellow bloglings who have been on my official Follower's list the longest and are still "around".

Views from Raven's Nest
Raven hosts the Raven's Saturday Wordzzle Challenge. This put me in touch with other creative writers who like to play around with fiction, based on a set of  "impossible" words and phrases provided weekly. It also got me entangled in an ongoing story of my own, which has since been moved from here to separate blog - Wordly Efforts. (If you go to that blog, you will find links in the sidebar there to some of the other regular participants in the Wordzzle Challenges.)

Soaring Through the World in Pictures
A shared photo blog which I came across in July when it was quite new, and joined as number 7, already aquainted with two or three of the other members. I consider myself very lucky in doing so; because 1/ it has been another great place to make friends (last time I checked, we are now 18 members and 79 followers) and 2/ it was a real boost for my interest in photography; which in turn led on to starting a photo blog of my own in September: DawnTreader's Picture Book; which in turn caught the attention of some bloggers previously unknown to me; and so the world continued to grow. (By the way - in the Picture Book, I have started 2010 off by showing twelve photos from last year that I chose for a wall calendar I ordered as Christmas gift for myself and a few friends.)

.~. .~. .~.

Looking back now at my first blogpost here at The Island of the Voices one year ago, I feel almost like reading prophecy or blessing come true. Blogging has brought "colour" into my life, during a year which I fear might otherwise have shown mostly blank pages when I tried to look back.

to all who have kept encouraging me

Monica, a.k.a. DawnTreader


Scriptor Senex said...

Gosh - you seem to have been around longer than that, Monica. (Or is that a bit insulting, like saying to one's wife "When we were young...")? Seriously, I have throughly enjoyed your contribution to Blogland over the last year and look forward to lots more posts and photos.

DawnTreader said...

Thank you John! I think I choose to take it as a compliment... ;)

rae said...

Wonderful post! Glad we "found" each other!

DawnTreader said...

Thank you Rae - so am I!

GB said...

The first thing I recall is your wonderful photos - particularly of the statue in the water. And it all developed from there. I can't even recall what life was like before Blogland. So glad that we 'met'.

DawnTreader said...

Thank you Graham - I am glad too!
And yes, that statue in the river would have been one of the first pictures of mine that you saw, because Statues was theme of the week at "Soaring" the very first week I joined (mid July). I don't think we actually 'met' properly until then, although I had seen and heard of you at your brother's blog before that. I can hardly believe that was only six months ago!

Sandra said...

Great new word to add to my vocabulary, BLOGGOVERSARY Love it! Goregous photo and i don't have time right now to go to the four places you told us about, but i will be back tomorrow and visit them. I like finding new ways to find new blogs. so far i have found mine by visiting the followers of the ones i follow. that is how I found your blog

DawnTreader said...

Hi Sandra! Can't take credit for the word I'm afraid, but one picks up the vocabulary as one goes along...!

jeannette stgermain said...

Belated Congrats, Monika! Your beginning sounds a little like mine:) -actually mine was worse, after a month or so I gave up and escaped for a year to Myspace, until someone told me there how to do the follower thing!
But Blogger is more versatile and easier to make one's blog more personal, as well as loading up pics!
Thank you for sharing what you are interested in!

DawnTreader said...

Thanks Jeannette. I have not tried either Myspace or Facebook; exploring the Blogger world and experimenting with photos has been enough challenge for me during the past year!

C. Beth said...

Thank you for the shout-out! I love that you met "friends" on TOMW. What a cool thing blogging is, bringing people together through the miles.


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