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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Onwards and Forwards

Snowman giving directions: That way, please!

Looking back at what I wrote yesterday about foresight, I have my doubts whether some things in that post will make much sense to anyone but myself, but never mind. Onwards and forwards...

Whether we choose to set long term goals or not, the New Year does have a tendency to make us recapitulate, and consider starting afresh with some things. If you do want to make a change of some kind, the New Year often seems like a good time to start. New calendar, with blank pages waiting to be filled in... (One of the things I haven't got round to yet! And as I write that, it also hits me that I have forgotten send a couple of birthday cards...)

For my blogs, I have no major changes in mind at the moment; but I did joggle some items about in the sidebar of this one yesterday. In some ways, the sidebar is like a flowerbed - you plant things in it, then leave it to take care of ifself for a while; and then one day you look at it and say "oops" - however it happened, it suddenly seems to be in need of some weeding...

The most obvious change is that I moved Quotation of the Day up to the top of the sidebar. (I had it before, but further down.) This is one of those automatic gadgets, so what appears there is not my own choice. However, after a year of Quotation of the Week posts, I find I've used up most of the English quotes in my old notebooks. So it's time to gather some new ones! There are of course plenty of quotation pages to be found on the internet; but there is a certain difference between searching one's own memory and notebooks for quotes, and trying to find appropriate ones from unknown contexts... I will however try to keep up the Quotation of the Week too, in one way or another. If nothing else, it might take myself to interesting new places (and books) worth exploring!

I have also updated my links list - Other Places To Visit - with a few new additions.Of those I would like to draw your attention to one photo blog especially: Ulrika K. I came across her page recently when browsing some Skywatch Friday participants. Ulrika lives in Lapland in the very North of Sweden and she has some really amazing pictures. The snow and cold I have been complaining about down here lately is "nothing" compared to what they're used to up there.

PS/ Still feeling "undecided" about some things, I've removed a paragraph in this post. There will probably be links somewhere in the sidebar to a series of autobiographical posts that I began during 2009, and hope to continue in 2010... I thought of adding them to the "About Me" box, but then I decided (I think) to put them in a separate place instead - probably under the Blog Archive.


Sandra said...

I have never seen a fence like the one in your photo. I assume it is a snowbreak fence? similar to our sand dune breakers. Lovely photo and I like the way you are thinking. thanks for directing me to Ulrika. You are so right, her photos are awesome. I can actually see the cold clear air in them. You make me think about my blog, and thanks for that

DawnTreader said...

Sandra, the fence is a traditional kind of fence used around farmers' fields. In this case though it's a garden in a town street; since it belongs to an old house I suppose they're going for an old-fashioned look with the fence too. Looking it up in my dictionary I don't find another word for it than just "fence"!

California Girl said...

I find I regularly need to move things around and/or replace old images w/ new on my blogs or I lose interest visually.

DawnTreader said...

Yes. I suppose, on the whole, it is really mostly for myself that I even feel the need to make notes about it! Because the thing is, when you change the layout - you also lose what it looked like before the change.


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