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Beyond the Lone Islands

Thursday, 7 January 2010

For GB: Reminders of Summer

Looking at a post of GB's earlier today, from New Zealand, was such a powerful reminder of summer (in the middle of snowy winter here!) that it got me digging out old pictures from years ago...! Well, it's a project I had been meaning to get started on anyway: I need to back-up some original CD-R's of photos taken with my Olympus XA2 camera, which I do not have copied onto my laptop. (I had them on the desktop computer that died...) I've now bought a mobile hard drive on which I can store them (and more). So I started today with the first of my old picture discs. Among them were some pictures of that walkway along the Swedish west coast that GB's photos reminded me of... South of seaside town Varberg. I thought showing them might be a nice break from all my wintry snowy photos lately!

I did not happen to have any cyclists on these pictures,
but there was this walking couple...

The old 13th century fort today holds restaurants,
museum, and a hostel.

This is a beach right below the fort,
with an old wooden spa building on a pier.

There are other beaches further along the coast.
This is a small one which is very popular both
for bathing and for beach volley ball.


rae said...

I miss warmth! And I miss the ocean! These pictures are GREAT, and they make me miss both even more!

GB said...

Thank you so much, Monica. I just love seeing comparisons. One thing we certainly do not have here is a 13th Century fort!!! That sort of history here is even newer than the US!

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Just another New Zealander... came for a visit :)
Nice blog

Don said...

Some nice pics. People are people are people. Walks, beaches, AND beach volleyball! Oh yeah!


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