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Monday, 17 May 2010

Frogs Going AWOL


Guess what? Someone decided to “set the frogs free” and throw them in the river…


… and, to quote Alice in Wonderland, that dress is looking “curiouser and curiouser”…!

2010 05 17

I read about it in the paper again this morning. As I was going into town later I decided to walk by the park and have a look at the damage with my own camera eye. No kids climbing on the statues today (well, if nothing else that will be harder to do with half the frogs gone). But there was a man circling around them as I approached. I’m pretty sure it was the art museum manager (his picture was in the newspaper the other day). I waited until he left to take out my camera…

In today’s paper they interviewed someone from the Town Culture Committee. He says: “We have to ask ourselves if this kind of sculpture should be put in a place like this. Maybe something a bit more solid would be better...” 

Again… excuse me, but… Duh!

By now I’m interested to see if any of the sculptures will still be left in the park on Friday, when the official opening of the sculpture festival is supposed to take place.


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Dan Felstead said...

That is a shame that someone would destroy a sculpture such as this. Really unique. You come up with some of the most interesting sculptures I have seen. I know this is one of your favorite subjects.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Yikes!! The official opening hasn't even taken place yet, and the sculptures are already destroyed. Oh, don't get me started! It is true that the officials had really bad planning here! Maybe their mistake was in trusting people to be respectful. But people need to be responsible for their actions, and this is just plain vandalism! Whether we like the sculptures or not (and I DO) they are still works of art that someone spent a lot of time and work on. It is just sad to see the drowned red frog. I guess when they got bored with climbing on them, they had to do something else.

MadSnapper said...

this is a disgusting comment on our world today that people will destory things that belong to other people. and it is not in just one place but all over our planet. I can't believe someone has torn it down before it started. thanks for reporting to us, this is sad and fasicanitng

DawnTreader said...

I do agree it's a shame that anyone would find pleasure in vandalism. I'm in no way defending that, but I do find the cultural committee naive in not foreseeing it. I doubt it's the same people doing the vandalism who have been playing with the sculptures in the daytime. In the nighttime my guess is on older teens daring each other to do stupid things.

rae said...

In the States, someone would pretend this was purposeful (and they'd already thought of it) by calling it "interactive art."

Graham Edwards said...

Hmmm. I can't say that I like the sculptures. But they are interesting. In my experience I would agree that the older teens are the most likely culprits. It will be interesting to see what happens.

As I'm reading this a day or two after it was written I may know the answer in the next few minutes!


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