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Beyond the Lone Islands

Thursday, 15 July 2010


The weather forecasts for Tuesday predicted thunder and lightning and torrential rain and floods and all kinds of disaster to fall upon us in the afternoon. The morning papers even had big black headlines telling people to stay in if they could….

Pfft… Again, a few drops of rain was all that came. Not even much wind involved. There was a certain drop in temperature though. So there probably was thunder somewhere in our oblong country. But not here.

Yesterday by noon the sun was blazing and doing its best to heat things up again.

Dad was moved from the hospital to a short-stay nursing home on Monday, and my brother is staying at the house (in the countryside) for a few days. Yesterday we both went to see dad and to talk to staff at the nursing home. Seemed as good as can be expected from a short-stay place and dad seemed to be “accepting” the situation as well, even though having no real concept of where he was. He was able to answer some questions about himself from the past quite adequately though. It’s when we get to the last few years that it gets confused.

Afterwards my brother and I went into town for lunch – at the restaurant in the background of this picture. (I’ve blogged photos of it before – it’s the one with the outdoors chrystal chadeliers.)


In spite of frequent visits to this town and neighbourhood all through his life (we did not grow up here, but our grandparents lived here, later I came to live here, and our parents moved back when dad retired), my brother has spent very little time on foot in the actual town centre. I thought it was about time for a bit of an update! So we parked on the other side of the park and walked across to the restaurant. I love walking through the park, it’s one of my favourite places.

DSCN7346-1Flowerbeds being watered in the park. 

Today again it seems we’re in for a bit of more unpredictable weather. (Thunder?) Planning to spend most of the day at dad’s house so better get a move on…


Sandra said...

your weater sounds like ours, every day they say look out for thunderstorms, every day they don't come and the heat beats down on us. i have heard thunder rolling around but not close to us. I would love to walk through that park also. and i do remember the outdoor chandeliers. loved them. Hope you dad does not have to stay to long and that all goes well today. it is good you have your brother with you now.

Ginny said...

I'm glad you and your brother had a lovely day despite the circumstances. How is the food in the chandelier place? As good as the outdoor decor? Your brother hasn't posted in quite a while, he hasn't given up blogging this soon, has he? The pictures are lovely. I would love to walk through that park with you. How far away does your brother live? I know you've told us before, but I can't seem to remember. It's so good that you both have each other through this.

GB said...

It's good to see some more of your town nd hear your news.


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