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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hot and Sunny

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Saturday was the hottest day here so far this summer. I walked into town around 10 am to go to the library and one or two other errands. Putting on my movie star look again - wearing my sunglasses and a wide-brimmed white hat… ;)

In the town square there was a band playing. This is a summer tradition, every year in July some music students are employed by the town to give daily street concerts. I found a bench in the shadow so sat down for a while to rest my feet and listen. I also had ice cream in the park on my way home.

Back home I had a sandwich and ice tea for lunch – and strawberries. Too hot to cook!

In the afternoon the thermometer outside my window on the shadowy side of the flat showed 33°C (91,4 F). On the balcony a lot hotter… I had three parasols up but there were also gusts of wind coming so the one supposed to be standing on the floor kept flying off. It was on its way over to visit the next-balcony-neighbour last time I caught it! Had to take it down, obviously I can’t leave it up when I’m not sitting there. Which I can’t do in the afternoon when it’s like this, but I was hoping to protect the flowers…

Inside I have around 27°C and two fans going. Felt almost cool when I got in from outside, but not if I try to “do” something!

‘They’ say that it’s going to cool off again in a day or two, though. I hope they are right! Not much one can do about it, but I do prefer 23° rather than 33°.


Ginny said...

We had about three days relief from a heat wave, now we're back in it again. I'm glad you gave the farenheight reading so I could understand your tempratures. A colorful summertime collage. Is that a real bee or a fake one on that flower? I can't tell. A sandwich, iced-tea and strawberries sound good on a hot day. When it's this hot, most times I want iced-tea and a salad or sandwich.

DawnTreader said...

There are Farenheit/Celcius converters on the internet, I never remember how to do that in my head.

It's a real bumblebee on the flower.

Sandra said...

i like the idea of the bands in the street, I might just suggest that to our city, they keep asking for ideas via email. love those yellow flowers. your day sounds good except for the heat. we went from one whole week of 99 to 100 to the last 5 days of 77 to 80 but the humidity makes it hot. it is really cool today, we had a lot of rain YIPPEE on the rain. we had 3 days of it and we needed it. it might rain out our fireworks, but since we don't go, will not make a difference to us

GB said...

Well you can have some of my weather this morning (Sunday). Strong wind and torrential rain and mist and it sure ain't hot!

Perhaps a happy medium would be good. (Do you know what a laughing spiritualist is called? A happy medium. Sorry!)

DawnTreader said...

Graham - Happy medium sounds good to me! Well, the weather-kind anyway - The Laughing Spiritualist sounds like it should be the title of a TV mystery (and not thinking of the weather forecast). The cooler weather from Scotland seems to be on its way here now. It has been cloudy today and not as hot. Yesterday's forecast spoke of thunder but I haven't heard any yet. Hope some sunshine will be going your way though!


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