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Beyond the Lone Islands

Friday, 23 July 2010

Uno’s Animals: It’s a Wild Life






Uno often went out into the woods and just sat there observing things; and animals would come up to him and let him get close to them.

His attitude to his own art was that he just “released” the animal shapes that were already there in the pieces of wood he found. He would study the piece of wood and see what was “hidden” in it.


Ginny said...

My favorite one here is the den of cute little foxes! I do not like the icky snake, boo hiss!!

Sandra said...

this is one museum i would love to visit in person. he sure did do a lot of different kinds of animals. i would think he looked at the wood and when it looked a little like something he carved it. if i looked a chunk of wood it would look like wood.


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